Sunday, November 12, 2012

Road Trip = FOs

I still haven't taken pictures of the fiber I purchased during our yarn crawl cross-country vacation. Why? Cuz it's A LOT of fiber. It's so much fiber, in fact, that I had to really squish and shove my new acquisitions into previously established Stashing Zones. I should have taken a picture of it all while it eclipsed the dining room table but it had to be removed so that my family did not have to sit on the floor during meals. I promise to have pictures at some point. But I need to pace myself on The Technophobe.

I visited many yarn stores last month but due to money, space, and knitting time limitations I had to impose a few fiber-buying rules. The most important of which was that it had to be rare and hard to find at one of the 700 Bay Area yarn stores. That honestly, really, limited what I could buy. You wouldn't know that if you'd seen the dining room table covered in wool, though. I swear to you that there were whole yarn stores where I didn't buy a single thing. Actually, whole states. Whole states, that I stayed in even. Like Arizona, for instance. I didn't buy any fiber in Arizona. And Colorado. I was in Colorado for 3 days! No fiber. And Utah. No fiber there either. Nevada? Same thing.

Can't say the same thing for New Mexico and New York though. But I have 2 words for you: Fiber Festivals.

For now, I will appease you with pictures of FO's from the last month. I got a ton of knitting done. Out of the 113 hours of driving we did (So says Jill, the GPS) I drove about 6 of those hours. This is one of those examples of when it's a good thing that your SO has control issues. So, yeah, a lot of knitting got done.

Moderne Baby Log Cabin Blanket from MDK. I made it for my new step-niece in MN. My step-sister was very excited and immediate claimed it while exclaiming that it matched her bedroom perfectly. Thus, her bedroom is were it ended up. The rest of the family and friends that were gathered immediately started hollering out the colors of their bedrooms and requesting one.

This pattern has some errors and I couldn't find any errata on it. Not even on the KAL errata page. But it was easy to figure out. I'll post the fixes in the FO gallery.

These are the Baby "Uggs" from the DIY show. As you can see crypto investments from the photo, I finished them in the car. They are also for my step-neice, Madilyn.

Becky's new October Socks. They are knit from Regia Canadian Colors yarn. Not sure on the color, can't find the ball band. I even got the stripes to match. Woot!

These are just the things I finished on the road. There was tons more knitting done. I'll save that for another post.

On another note, did you West Coast Knitters register for Stitches yet?

I'm taking (hopefully) 3 design classes. My knitting seems to go in phases. First it was cables, last year it was Fair Isle, and this year it's design and pattern writing. However, since I'm taking 12 hours of classes, I've imposed a fiber buying moratorium while at Stitches. I honestly can't even fit anymore yarn in this apartment. But we'll see...

Thursday, November 02, 2012

We're HOME!

We had a wonderful time. I can't tell you what a life experience a month-long road trip can be! I'm still processing everything, downloading pictures off of my camera, and trying to organize my thoughts enough to blog amid the unpacking and grocery shopping. Not to mention the new stashing methods I'm having to explore. It seems that my fiber-buying guidelines were not as stringent as I thought.

Soon I will have pictures and details...

Thursday, October 26, 2012

A Soooper Quick Update


We're leaving Philly this morning and heading to Chicago. Philly was a mixed bag, I think. Our hotel was crap (The Sheraton Suites Airport), people are so rude here. But Independence Park was pretty cool. We're pretty glad to be leaving.

Rhinebeck was a blast. I'll have a complete post on that when I get back home, unpack my yarn, and get photos of it. We'll be stopping at the The Fold tomorrow morning to get some more BMFA stuff, 'cuz they were sold out at Rhinebeck by the time I found their booth.

We are all well. We haven't killed each other YET. Nearly, but no. We're a bit road weary though and are anxious to get home to our kitties and our own beds.

I finished the Moderne Log Cabin Baby blanket, the Baby Uggs, and another My So Called Scarf. Pics soon, I promise, my dears.

You can see photos of our adventures as we update them at Becky's Flickr page.

*p.s. Due to lack of time, I've left out the links to things. I'm sure you guys are all pretty handy with Google, no?

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